Intro — Chicago (6/2015)


Intro in Chicago took over the space in the Lincoln Park neighborhood vacated when L2O closed. The concept is that chefs would rotate through periodically. Several people on my last visit to Chicago recommended that I give it a try. I targeted an early summer trip to Chicago to dine there. They use a ticket system that a few other Chicago restaurants employ. Reservations are pre-paid upon booking. The system also does not accommodate odd-numbered reservations (yet), but they will accept them via email, and you pay at the restaurant. In my case, I found some Chicago locals who wanted to try Intro as well. So we made arrangements to dine together (the group grew to 9 people), and I emailed the restaurant to join their dining reservation.

When you pre-pay the reservation, it covers the set tasting menu and tax and a service charge. You can also include the wine pairings as part of the pre-paid amount. You can order wine pairings, glasses or bottles of wine, and supplemental course offerings when at the restaurant, and pay for those at the end of the meal. They will accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies.

For the full write-up, click here.

For the reservation we had, we would be dining from the tasting menu prepared by Erik Anderson, who was their second chef in residence since the restaurant opened.


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