42 grams 5th visit — Chicago (June/2015)


I promised that I would be back for the summer menu, so I planned a trip for mid-June.  When I was setting up my reservation, I noticed that the reservations for both seatings were going to be at the counter.  So, I took the opportunity to book the late seating, which I never get to do otherwise, since it usually was designated for the dining table.  And for the wine, I hadn’t had a Riesling in a while, so I brought a bottle of a medium-priced one.

The menu had some new items, as well as some items from the spring menu.  In comparing menus, I noticed that some of the courses that appeared to be the same did have a change in the sourcing of the main ingredient or slight changes in the supporting components.

Every station or reservation setting had a bucket available to keep wine chilled if needed.

The first quick light bite was raw scallop with Thai flavors.  With the three pieces of scallop, there was some coconut milk, basil seeds and kefir lime.  This was garnished with compressed cucumber and grilled golden kiwi.  The sweetness helped pick up the sweetness in the scallop.

For the full write-up, click here.


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