Amass 2nd Visit — Copenhagen (6/2015)


It had been almost exactly one year since my first visit to Amass.  With my visit again to Copenhagen, I decided to try it again and see if anything was different, now that they had more than a year being in business.  Since I had been there before, I knew the bus route details to get to the restaurant, or so I thought.  When I arrived at the bus stop to make my connection, I saw the next bus departure time as 44 minutes.  When I looked at the posted schedule, I saw that the bus only runs hourly, something I did not remember.  If I waited for the next bus, I would be late.  Fortunately, I remembered that during the day, the harbor ferry bus has a stop near the restaurant (terminates its run there), and the stop was nearby.  Despite the posted schedule, the ferry came and brought me to the restaurant at just the right time.

The menu line-up was different than a year ago.  The option of ordering the extended menu was the same, so I went with that option again.

They don’t have a wine-by-the-glass list.  I told my server my wine preferences, and he brought a glass of a Chardonnay from Jura in France, which worked fine with my meal.

For the full write-up, click here.


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