Relae 2nd Visit — Copenhagen (6/2015)


My first visit to Relӕ was almost 3 ½ years ago.  I decided I wanted to go back, but I had a booking problem when the predicted dates for the reservation availability came.  So, I had given up trying, but then looked again after several days.  While no reservations were available for dinner on the planned day, they were serving lunch on that Saturday.  I decided that would be fine, since I knew it would not be long meal, and I would have enough time to recover before dinner.  And, the restaurant is an easy and quick bus ride from Central Copenhagen. It currently is awarded one Michelin star.

The menu is still organized around either omnivore or herbivore groups.  However, you can order a longer menu (7 courses instead of 4) which crosses both groups of menu choices, which is what I chose.

I was again given a seat at the counter that overlooks the kitchen area.  However, they recently remodeled and removed one of the counter sections (the one in front, where I sat before).  When you walk into the restaurant and look right, you are almost in the kitchen area.  You still have all your utensils in a drawer at your seating station.

I asked for a wine recommendation, and my server suggested the 2012 Domaine de La Tournelle Fleur de Savagnin, Evelyne et Pascal Clairet from Jura, France.

For the full write-up, click here.


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