Momofuku ko 3rd Visit — New York City (3/2015)


This would be my third visit in as many months to the new version of the restaurant.  I planned my visit as a stopover on my way home from Chicago.  I was hoping that I might catch some early spring ingredients in the menu.  Unfortunately, it was still pretty much winter on the Eastern Seaboard.  Despite the cold, they did manage to change up the menu a little bit for me.

The first snack for the evening was the pommes soufflés.  In the past, this was one of the opening snacks for the lunch service (you only were served one though).  It was nice to see this at dinner.  The casing was fried potato and the filling was a ranch sauce.

The lobster roll with the mint sabayon was the same as before.  However, the olive oil tart was made with celery root, walnuts and apple this time.  These were still nice tasty bites to start with.

The cured arctic char daikon roll with the pickled jalapeño and basil was also the same as last time and still just as good for a quick bite and palate awakener.

For the full write-up, click here.


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