42 grams 4th Visit — Chicago (3/2015)


It had been about 5 months since my last visit.  In that time, the restaurant debuted on the Michelin list with two stars, and they were nominated for a James Beard award for best new restaurant.  I made sure to plan in advance so that I could secure a reservation, as I wasn’t sure how difficult it might be to reserve a slot on a weekend.  Since I like the counter seating, I took a first-seating reservation on a Friday night.

The menu ended up to be mostly different, with a few dishes carried over from the fall menu.  One thing that was very different from all the times I have dined at Sous Rising/42 grams was the absence of the snack chips to start off the meal.  There was still a centerpiece at each station, but nothing to nibble on.

The meal started with a small dish of familiar flavors.  This was inspired by vichyssoise with textural twists.  The fried crispy potatoes, caviar and chervil were set on a thick small serving of potato cream.  There was a lot going on with this small bite to start waking up the palate.

For the full write-up, click here.


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