Vintage Cave 2nd Visit — Honolulu (12/2014)


The schedule and the weather led me to think about a trip to Honolulu and a return trip to Vintage Cave.  After a short email exchange and a phone call, I was all set up for a Friday night dinner.  I was especially interested to see what the new chef would have in store.  Since I had already been there before, I didn’t have to struggle to figure out exactly where to find the entrances to the restaurant.

The new chef, Jonathan Mizukami, is a veteran of The French Laundry.  A look at the menu shows a move from a more Asian-inspired line up to a cuisine more along the lines of classic French-American with modern twists.

The prior menu offered a long and a short menu.   Now, they offer two tasting menus – a standard one and a vegetarian one.  Additionally, the standard menu had four optional upgrade courses that would replace one or more of the offered courses, if desired.  I have seen such optional upgrades for one or two courses, but never for four.  The menu above was the vegetarian menu, which offered one menu upgrade.

For the full write-up, click here.


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