Shoto 2nd Visit — Toronto (9/2014)


I was at Shōtō a little over a month ago. I had reason to come back to Toronto, so I decided to dine a second time.  I had a very nice experience the last time, so I wanted to see how it would be the second time around.  I was not disappointed.  It was again a Friday night, and the first seating group was running a little behind, as I had to wait about 10 minutes after my appointed time to get seated.

The “Rare” pour wine list was shorter than the last visit. What was missing was the Chardonnay that I really liked.  Everything else was mostly the same.  I was going to try the other Chardonnay, but I was advised that maybe I shouldn’t, based on some comments from a prior patron.  They went ahead and poured me a taste and told me what the other person said (a little astringency that shouldn’t be there).  I actually agreed, so they served me an Ontario Pinot Gris (2013 Five Rows St. Davids Bench), which I liked enough to start off the meal.

The first bite was pretty much the same as last time (above is after the oyster was eaten). It was an East Coast oyster with pepperoncini, which was again, a quick and spicy start.

For the full write-up, click here.



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