Restaurant De Kas — Amsterdam (8/2014)


I had a trip planned to Amsterdam and already had a restaurant targeted for the visit.  However, a few days before my trip, I ran across a list of the latest trendy restaurants in Amsterdam.  Restaurant De Kas was on the list.  Their website had an English version, and they looked very interesting – and organic restaurant serving in a greenhouse not far from the center of Amsterdam, with food sourced mostly from the greenhouses or a farm not too far away.  They took reservation inquires by email, so I tried for dinner on my remaining available nights.  They were booked full, but they could take me for lunch on my only weekday afternoon in Amsterdam.  The only apparent difference in the menus was the number of courses available as the option.

I guessed that it would take me about 30 minutes by tram to get to the restaurant, which is set at the edge of a large park (Honeweg stop on the #9).  I walked in right at 12:30, with the restaurant mostly empty (it filled up a little bit later on).

There were greenhouse rooms all around the restaurant.

For the full write-up, click here.


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