Hedone — London (7/2014)


Hedone was not a restaurant that popped up in any way on my radar.  Instead, it was a recommendation from the proprietors of Kitchen Table.  Fortunately for me, I was able to secure an early dinner reservation less than 24 hours in advance online.  The relatively new restaurant is a recently-awarded 1-star Michelin establishment located in the Chiswick area of London, about a 40-minute journey from the Paddington Tube Station to Chiswick Park via the Underground (Zone 3).  The restaurant itself is on Cheswick High Road, about an easy 7-minute walk from the station. The cuisine focuses on presenting fresh local ingredients.

I had a nice seat at the counter overlooking the open kitchen.

The menu is straightforward.  You can go with a “carte blanche” tasting menu, and they will present you with several courses of the kitchen’s choosing.  Or else, you can pick out options to set up a 5- or 6-course dinner (you can choose to add the bolded item to make it 6 courses).  You have a choice of one of two entrees.  I went with the “carte blanche” option. The menu changes frequently.

For the full write-up, click here.


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