Castle Terrace — Edinburgh (7/2014)


Once I planned to go to Edinburgh, I searched for any modernist-type restaurant.  Castle Terrace came up as a candidate.  The website made it look promising, but it was hard to tell from the sample menu.  I just knew the focus was on using fresh local ingredients.  Reservations were made directly through the website.  However, I never received a promised email confirmation.  And when I wrote the restaurant directly for a confirmation, I still didn’t; receive a response.  So, when I arrived, I went to the restaurant the day before to check on the reservation, and they did have my reservation on file.

The atmosphere was subdued, with no view of the kitchen.

They offer a tasting menu, although they don’t tell you what the items will be, just the number of courses.  You can also order a la carte.

 I chose the tasting menu, along with a glass of the dry Riesling to start off.  I also just went with tap water, which I found to be very good in Edinburgh.

For the full write-up, click here.



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