Juniper & Ivy — San Diego (6/2014)


Chef Richard Blaise is a Top Chef winner and Top Chef Masters winner (on the Bravo Network).  On a recent trip to San Diego, some friends and I decided to try out his 5-month old restaurant called Juniper & Ivy, so called because it is located between those streets).  I already had plans to dine there on a visit the following month, but the opportunity came to try it out on a Friday night while I was on a trip in June to San Diego.  The cuisine focuses on fresh ingredients, and the preparation tended to use modernist techniques (some molecular elements) to highlight the seasonal bounty.

The setting looks like a converted warehouse or factory.  We were given a small table near the bar with an excellent view of the cold station prep areas.

The one-page menu showcased several snacks and small plates and a few larger dishes.  There is no tasting menu at the moment, but it may be an option soon.  We decided to order some snacks and small plates, picking out pretty much everything that appealed to us.  I picked out some dishes that my friends wouldn’t choose on their own just to try and sample as much as possible.

To view the full write-up, click here.


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