Dabbous 2nd Visit — London (6/2014)


A couple of years ago, I had dined at Dabbous.  I only managed to get in at lunch as a last-minute walk-in.  While it was good, I had only been able to dine from a fixed tasting menu.  So I wanted to come back at some point for dinner and experience some of the dishes it had been featuring since its opening.  I finally managed to get a dinner reservation.  However, I did not realize that they had done away with the a la carte menu, leaving only a tasting menu or variations from that.  I was told that about a year prior, they did away with the a la carte menu as very few people were asking for it, thereby wasting prep time and food resources.

Even though it was not the menu I was expecting, I still found several items interesting.  And I certainly wasn’t going to give up the opportunity for a meal there, given that it was still a tough seat to get.

For the full write-up, click here.


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