42 grams (formerly Sous Rising) — Chicago (1/2014)


42 grams is the newly-opened brick and mortar version of Sous Rising.  As soon as they announced when they would be opening, I worked in a trip to Chicago so I could see the new place.  I did not plan it to be their very first meal in the new establishment, but given the weather happenings of that past week and other things, I was part of the first eight to dine at the new restaurant.  They plan for two seatings, and I had signed up for the later one at 8:30, which is the one they ended up having anyway.

The restaurant is actually just downstairs from where they used to serve.  The opening configuration looks very nice – homey and welcoming.  In addition to a large dining table, there is a counter for the second seating overlooking the kitchen area.

 As tradition goes, the centerpiece provides the opening crispy snacks.  At the counter, each pair of seats had a presentation.  The snacks included Vidalia onion paper, flax seed puffed chip dusted with kale and togarashi, and salmon skin fried and dusted with potato powder (like fish and chips).

For the full write-up, click here.


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