Rogue 24 — Washington DC (1/2014)


I came upon this restaurant by accident.  In the past, when I have searched for molecular cuisine restaurants in DC, only minibarDC came up.  I had not visited DC in a while, but I did not do a search.  Instead, I was looking through for a restaurant to reserve for a planned dinner with some friends.  While I was scrolling through the choices, the Rogue24 listing caught my attention.  There were no reviews, the price was listed at a $$$$ rating, and the tagline seemed to indicate some innovative preparation techniques.  When I checked out the website, it sounded exactly like a place I would need to try.  They serve either a 4-, 16, or 24-course menu.  There were no sample menus on the website, just pictures of some of the food.  Unlike many restaurants of this type, there were no specific sittings – you reserved a time slot like any other restaurant.  During one of the coldest weeks ever in DC, it was easy to get a reservation.

The restaurant is located halfway up a “historic” alley near the Washington Convention Center.  It was only a 5-minute walk from the nearest Metro stop.

For the full write-up, click here.


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