View 62 — Hong Kong (12/2013)


I had not looked before for a molecular cuisine restaurant in Hong Kong.  I had not visited Hong Kong for a couple of years and that was before I really started to seek out these types of restaurants.  So, with a trip planned, I ran a search, and a couple of places showed up.  View 62 was one, and I secured a reservation.  The chef, Paco Roncero, is from Spain and earned two Michelin stars for innovative cuisine at a restaurant in Madrid.  I set my expectations high.

The restaurant is located on a high floor (62) in a building called the Hopewell Center in central Hong Kong.  It is the city’s only revolving restaurant, taking about two hours to make one complete revolution.  From the street, you have to take an escalator up to the third floor and then take an elevator to the 56th floor.  From there, you are greeted and your reservation checked before they escort you up to the 62nd floor and directly to your table.

One is immediately stunned by the view, if you are pointed in the right direction.  I was there on a very clear night.  There is always a light show with Hong Kong buildings, but they were especially dressed up for the Christmas season.

The dining room itself is pretty simple, except it is a ring and the floor moves.  The ceiling, with thousands of rounded pegs embedded in it, and the lights do not move.  But the table lighting remained pretty consistent throughout the revolution.

For the full write-up, click here.


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