Recette — New York City (12/2013)


When I go back to a city, I will re-run searches to see if anything new shows up in line with my dining interests.  When I ran a recent search on New York, the restaurant Recette came up.  I looked at their menu, which listed several small plates that they offer as their dining options.  I could make reservations via, so I set the meal up for my Saturday night in New York.

The restaurant is prominently located on a corner in an area which seems a little more residential than commercial.  There were about 20 tables or so packed into single medium-sized room with a casual atmosphere.

 I ordered a glass of the German Riesling, which they let me taste before pouring my glass.  It was the right balance of dry and sweet, so it was a good choice for me.

I liked that they had a choice on the tasting menu length that could be selected.  Of course, I went with the 10-course selection.  But since everything is in small-plate format, you could just pick a few courses a la carte and be set with that.

For the full write-up. click here.


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