JungSik — New York City (12/2013)


I ran across the website for JungSik when I was researching restaurants for an upcoming return trip to Seoul.  The original JungSik restaurant (called Jung Sik Dang in Seoul) came up as a result. Within the same website, there was mention of a sister restaurant in TriBeCa.  Since I had plans to be in New York, I checked out trying to get reservations at the TriBeCa location.  It turned out they are on OpenTable.com and it was pretty easy to get a weeknight reservation.  The menus between the restaurants looked to be the same, so I thought it would be a good strategy to try the Tribeca branch and leave myself more options for Seoul.

When I booked the restaurant, I did not know that JungSik in NY was recently awarded two stars by Michelin.  It is located in a relatively quiet part of TriBeCa not far from the Franklin St. subway station.

The dining room is very nice, with modern and formal touches.  There is a smaller dining area attached to the main one.

For the full write-up, click here.


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