Sant Pau — Tokyo (10/2013)


I heard about this restaurant while doing some casual reading about Tokyo food. Sant Pau is a one-star (I think it used to have two) Michelin restaurant in a city with the most stars total of any city.  I checked advanced availability and it looked to be easier to book than many other places (via  So, when the opportunity came up to try and fit a dinner in, I was able to do so.  I planned for a late dinner (by my standards) at around 8pm, in case my incoming flight to Tokyo was delayed.  I arrived at the restaurant about 25 minutes early (it’s conveniently located in Central Tokyo) and they were able to take me to my table directly.

The restaurant is an offshoot of Carme Ruscalleda’s place of the same name in Sant Pol de Mar near Barcelona.  The seasonal menus are coordinated, with the exception that the Tokyo branch uses local Japanese ingredients to create the dishes, which are categorized as modern Spanish/Catalonian.

 I went ahead and decided to do the full degustation menu.  After I decided, they brought this smaller version for me to use to follow along with the courses.

 The tables were grouped into small sections.  The mood was subdued, but with spot lighting at the tables.  There was instrumental music playing at a very low volume in the background.

For the full write-up, click here.


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