Atelier Crenn — San Francisco (9/2013)


Dominique Crenn is the only 2-star Michelin female chef in the U.S.  I did not know that when I made a reservation.  I was looking for a “home town” restaurant at the last minute over the weekend. To get a list of options, I searched on molecular cuisine. I could have gone back and revisited some places, but Atelier Crenn came up as a choice and I felt like trying a new place.  And, it was available for booking for an early dinner just a couple of days in advance on  They call what they do “poetic cuisine”.  Instead of a menu, diners are presented with a poem.  On-line, they indicated there were two menus – a five-course Signature menu and a Grand Tasting Menu (about 11 courses).  On the evening I visited, they were only offering the Grand Tasting menu (which was what I was going to have anyway).

When seated, diners are presented with a poem that represents the meal for the evening.  It does not have dishes or ingredients.

For the full write-up, click here.

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