Maaemo — Oslo (6/2013)



Maaemo is a two-star Michelin restaurant that was not on my radar until a friend had mentioned reading about it.  After reading an article and a couple of reviews, I saw that it was a place I very much wanted to experience.  It gave me a good enough reason to work in a visit to Oslo and Norway, where I had never visited.  I decided to plan a week-long visit to Norway, see the fjords and culminate my trip with a visit to Maaemo.

Maaemo specializes in presenting organic/biodynamic Nordic cuisine.  The majority of ingredients are local (to Oslo and to Norway), with the balance coming from other Scandinavian countries based on availability and quality.  They do not appear to turn over tables during the evening – they just stagger the reservations throughout the night.  They have around 10 tables of different sizes, although they are planning an expansion next year to include more tables, a test kitchen and a chef’s table.  The restaurant is located in an unlikely part of town, in an area of large office buildings next to the central train station and bus terminal.  However, it was extremely convenient for me, as there was a tram that practically ran door-to-door and made the restaurant only minutes away. However, the restaurant is not intuitively easy to find – it’s not on street level, there are no directional signs, and it’s located at the end of the building whose address it shares. But it was well worth finding.

For the full write-up, click here.


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