Waku Ghin — Singapore (12/2012)



Waku Ghin is one of several celebrity chef restaurants at this very glitzy hotel/shopping/casino complex.  I decided I wanted to try it because of the format – chef’s counter seating only with a set menu.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to get any molecular cuisine dishes, but it was very convenient to make a reservation and dine there since I was going to stay at the marina Bay Sands Hotel that evening.  Since it was my arrival day into Singapore, I purposely picked the late seating (8:30pm) just in case there were any flight problems.

Upon my arrival at the restaurant a little before my reservation time, they asked me to have a seat in the lounge as the room was not ready yet. But after a few minutes, they led us to a small room with a counter which could seat about six people, but was set up for only three for this sitting.

 They did not present us with a menu at the beginning.  They asked us about any allergies (no one had any).  It sounded like they have a great deal of flexibility in what they can prepare as there were 16 chefs working behind the scenes.  Some food would be prepared in the kitchen and some would be cooked in front of us on the grill. They will change the menu presented to the customer depending upon when they were in last, except for a few signature dishes.

For the full write-up, click here.


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