Pierre Gagnaire — Tokyo (1/2013)



This is my second visit to a Pierre Gagnaire restaurant (the first was Twist in Las Vegas).  The food here was a bit more French in style and substance than the newer Twist, which I was expecting.  This is a 2-star Michelin restaurant located on a high floor of the ANA Intercontinental hotel.  Reservations can be made by email, although they had some difficulty getting a reply message back to me.

Upon arrival, they had a nice table by the window looking out over the lights of central Tokyo.  I asked for their pre-dinner champagne offerings and they had a Ruinart Rosé, so I went with that while I looked over the menus.  They served a few little accompaniment snacks to go with the champagne.

 I did not get an item-by-item description, but the ingredients included tuna, mascarpone, chestnut, black truffle oil paste, rabbit, and chorizo.  The textures ranged from soft to crunchy, and flavored from savory to sweet, thus awakening the full range of tastes and sensations.

The menus presented a few dining options.  There was the à la carte option, the full tasting menu (“Esprit” or seasonal menu), the shortened seasonal menu (less desserts, no cheese course and one less savory course), and the special black truffle menu.

For the full write-up, click here.


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