Tarquino — Buenos Aires (10/2012)



When my hotel confirmed my requested reservation for aramburu, they sent me a list of other restaurant recommendations.  I looked over the list and found another new restaurant to try that seemed interesting called Tarquino.  It was within walking distance from the hotel, so I asked the hotel to make a reservation for me.  When I arrived at the restaurant’s address, I wasn’t sure I was in the right place.  There was no sign with the name on it.  There was also no indication of a restaurant there.  There was just a placard in a window with a stylized T on it.  Soon, a man came over and I asked him about the restaurant.  He went up to the door and turned a key to let me in.  Once inside, I was still unclear on where to go, so I just kept walking down a white marble corridor.  I made a turn and finally saw the entrance to a dark, wood-paneled room.  This was the bar/lounge area for the restaurant. 

The restaurant section is quite interesting.  It looks like it was a walled courtyard extending behind the building.  It is covered with a steel-and-glass roof, with a large tree growing through that roof.

The restaurant has an a la carte menu.  In fine print, it also says one can do a 7-course tasting menu.  As the menu looked interesting enough, I decided to go with the tasting menu.  In our discussion about allergies and preferences, it sounded like they would pull selected dishes from the menu to serve (which is exactly what happened).

For the full write-up, click here.


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