minibarDC — Washington, DC (11/2012)



Since starting my molecular cuisine food trek about two years ago at The Bazaar, I’ve wanted to go to minibar (another José Andrés restaurant).  But it was hard to get into when it was open and then it closed for over a year.  So, when an assignment to Washington DC came up, I was hopeful I would be able to get a reservation.  Coincidentally, I knew some friends from work who had expressed an interest in exploring this type of food.  The restaurant handles reservations in groups of six, and in its prior iteration, there was just a counter for six diners.  In their new location, they still handle seatings in groups of six, so I organized a group for the experience.

The first hurdle wasn’t as bad as I thought.  To get a reservation, you have to write them an email when the reservations are open for the selected day 30 days in advance starting at 10 am Eastern Time.  I did that and within a couple of days, we had our slot.

The more difficult task was trying to find the location.  Google Maps still came up with the old address.  Armed with our smartphones, we managed to head in the right direction a few blocks away but still with some uncertainty.  Even standing right in front of the restaurant, we weren’t sure we were in the right place.  There are no signs (yet) indicating that the restaurant is there behind a couple of elaborate white doors.  But we made it, still early to begin our dining adventure.

The hostess asked for our coats and led us into a very modern, white, and smartly/whimsically decorated room.  We were offered drinks (cava for some, tea for others) and told to settle in and relax.

For the full write-up, click here.


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