Fujiya 1935 — Osaka (11/2012)



I ran across the Fujiya 1935 name in a listing of restaurants in Japan several months ago.  I found out that it was bookable via OpenTable.com, so I decided to organize a trip to Osaka if I could get in at the right time.  Fujiya 1935 is a two-star Michelin restaurant located in Central Osaka.  It’s not very big, and they will only accept reservations about two months in advance.  I managed to get the day and time I wanted and it also happened to be located close to the hotel I ended up booking, so I could easily walk there.

As one might expect in Japan, the décor was minimalist, although the color scheme and use of wood throughout, including the nicely-finished furniture, made for a warm-feeling environment.  Upon arrival, one enters into a small room with an interesting fountain/art piece.  I accepted a small cup of hot cardamom tea.  They also presented me with a small card that listed the courses for the evening (there is no a la carte menu).  After a few minutes, I was led upstairs to my table.

 I was offered the wine menu and selected a glass of Cava as my sparkling wine for the evening.  They offered a wine pairing of four wines to go with the meal (one sparkling and three regular, but I decided to pass). The still water that was poured was from a spring on another Japanese island (I think Hokkaido).

For the full write-up, click here.



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