La Mer — Honolulu (9/2012)


La Mer at the Halekulani Hotel in Waikiki has had a high reputation for a long time.  So, I decided that on this rare visit to Honolulu for me, I would give it a try, even though the dress code requires one wears long sleeves (jacket or shirt), dress slacks, and leather dress shoes (all very un-Hawaiian-like).  Even though it was pricey, it was not pricier than some other places I have been of comparable formality, especially for being right on the water in Waikiki. As soon as I sat down, they offered me a complimentary glass of champagne (their choice).

 I had a nice table, overlooking an outdoor lounge with live music and the ocean (lit up, but you cannot see that here).

Their menu consists of selecting 3 or four courses selected from different sections of the menu, or the menu degustation (shown on the far left.  I went for that tasting menu, asking to substitute the lamb course for a duck dish that appears as one of the meat selections.  They cleared it with the chef, so I was all set.

For the full write-up, click here.


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