The Ledbury Visit 3 — London (6/2012)


I went back to The Ledbury for a third visit because I was going to be in London during a different season (summer) and I wanted to see what the menu would have to offer from the local bounty offered by summer.  I was not disappointed.  After looking over all my menu options, I went with the full vegetarian tasting menu with no substitutions this time. But, while I was deciding, they brought over the starting snack.  It was the smoked turbot roe with apple jelly on a squid ink crisp.  I was surprised and a little disappointed that it was the same thing they served when I was here in February.  

They brought out the vegetarian menu.  You could have a 3-course version or the whole menu as the tasting menu.  I went with the latter, as there were several items I was interested in sampling.  The regular menu is below.  One of the reasons I went with the vegetarian menu was that there were a few items on the regular menu that were the same from the winter menu, and I wanted to avoid dish repeats if possible.

For the full write-up, click here.


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