Dabbous — London (8/2012)



I had been trying for several months to book a table at this restaurant to no avail.  It has been written up as one of the “hottest” new restaurants on London, doing some innovative things with food at a relatively reasonable cost.  I then found out that they were already booked into early next year (over six months from when I was trying in the summer).  One online commenter said to try showing up close to when they open for dinner and MAYBE there was a chance of an open table.  So, I showed up at 5:45pm on a Friday evening.  They were very friendly but said nothing was available that evening.  But, they did suggest trying at the end of the lunch seating the following day (around 2pm) as a possible way of getting a seat.  The next day, that strategy worked, and they found a table for me at 2pm.

I discovered that one of the reasons it is so difficult to book a table is the size of the restaurant.  It is smaller than I expected, with only around 10 tables.  The ground floor is the restaurant, while the basement has a large bar area, where they also serve food (but not the full menu). The décor is basic industrial chic.

The menu focuses on fresh local ingredients.  

For the full write-up, click here.


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