Saison — San Francisco (5/2012)



Saison has gone from a pop-up restaurant to a two-star Michelin establishment in two years.  The focus is fire and ember cooking, cutting-edge techniques and local-sourced ingredients.  It is located in a non-descript industrial part of the city, away from downtown towards the Mission.  Since I was not traveling this holiday weekend, I decided to take a food journey instead.  It was quite a journey.  The restaurant is small.  The menu is created daily and is a set sequence of dishes (I believe about 10+).  They are all small plates.  It’s not a molecular cuisine restaurant.  However, the chef uses some of the techniques, not as gimmicks, but as a means to add the right amount of flavor and texture to the dish.  You can also opt to sit at one of the four Chef’s Counter seats, located on the other side of the kitchen.  For the price, your look directly into the kitchen and receive 20+ courses, plus wine pairings (tax and tip are also included and are paid with the reservation).  That was the journey I chose.  


For the full write-up, click here.


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