Jaloa gastronomique — Brussells (12/2011)


I found this restaurant after I had planned Brussels as a destination. I did a search on the internet for molecular gastronomy restaurants in Brussels, and this came up.  Otherwise, I would not have known about it at all.  Fortunately, their website had an English version and on-line booking though a service called Convivio.  Note that there is also a restaurant called Jaloa Brasserie in the same area.  This is not the brasserie, which has a normal a la carte menu.  There is no menu at Jaloa.  You choose from a 4-, 6- or 9-course dinner service.  I think if you choose 4 or 6 courses, they tell you some things you can choose from.  I chose the 9-course menu (after having eaten a live shrimp, there’s not much else that a restaurant can serve that would throw me).  They did speak a fair amount of English; however, since I don’t listen very well with an accent, I was not always sure I heard or understood all the ingredients they described when the dish was served.  They did not ask me for any allergy information or ingredient preferences.

For the full write-up, click here.


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